Latest version: SpeedWizz kernel ICS 4.2 stable

      NOW MULTI PLATFORM (see changelog for details)
  • Samsung opensource based update7
  • Dual boot (and still only between samsung rom) by gokhan moral
  • Linux version 3.0.40
  • rooted with supersu (chainfire), if the rom is already rootata not overwrite your application Superuser
  • Busybox 1.20.2 cm full
  • SpeedMod patch K3-31 (partially used)
  • Tunderbolt Tweaks
  • Automatic backup of your EFS partition
  • stable
  • All logs off for greater rapidity
  • Undervolting (use Voltage control or similar)
  • overclocking
  • Step frequency 100-1400 MHz
  • Default 200-1200 MHz
  • BLN - the kernel will automatically install the appropriate libraries
  • CWM manager apk
  • Voodoo louder support
  • DVFS disabled
  • Available governors: ondemand, pegasusq (default), lionheart, interactive, smartass, conservstive, performance, powersave, userspace
  • init.d support: fixed bug DVFS script on boot
  • I / O schedulers: CFQ (default), noop, Deadline
  • governor pegasusq optimized for dual core (by gokhanmoral)
  • ondemand governor tweaks (by hardcore)
  • bootanimation support (system / media or data / local)
  • touch recovery based on CWM of Siyah (by gokhanmoral)
  • touch sensivity fix
  • recovery fstab fix
  • lowers the voltage of some devices to improve battery life (AMOLED screen, touch panel, gpu)
  • insecure kernel

SpeedWizz Kernel ICS 4.2 TAR Version for ODIN

SpeedWizz Kernel ICS 4.2 CWM FLASHABLE

(from version 4.1 beta2)

- New configuration file: speedwizz_defconfig

totally abandoned def_config derived from SpeedMod, the kernel continues on its path already since several versions before this

- Updated the cross-compiler to Linaro Toolchain 4.7 (08-2012)

The result is a general optimization of the code which results in less consumption of resources and greater stability.
Seeing is believing.

- This build fixes several compilation warnings and for several I mean about thirty 

the warning message is a message from the compiler, it is not a fatal error (in fact, the compilation went fine) but can sometimes affect the stability of a program (the kernel is a set of programs written mostly in C language) .
Most of the warnings that have at compile time are caused by variables or functions not used.
Obviously, the biggest advantage in NOT have this kind of warnings is that less code "dead" is inside a kernel than fewer resources will use the kernel to perform their tasks and the kernel will be more powerful in terms of fluidity and stability.
In any case  i will consider a warning  as a bug (generally speaking) even if minor, or even if it is not perceptible by the user.

- Added NSTools

You can use this app to configure all the parameters that are managed by the user, OC, UV, BLN, startup scripts, etc. ..

- Improved support to init.d

Now you will create a special folder init.d if it is not present in the rom (as in the case of the stock rom), if it exists  this will not be touched and will be activated only support to run parts.

- Cleaned up some scripts in the initramfs

many things were unnecessary and linked to the use of extweaks (since the initramfs kernel are derived from Siyah kernel), which as you know is not supported by the kernel

- Added support to form Zram and Swaps

Enabled by default but can be disabled by the user through simple instructions.
The use of zram is to use a portion of RAM allocated compressed in a single device, in the specific case of this kernel with a capacity of 300mb and allocated in the ram itself, with a compression ratio of about 50%, for a total of about a gig of ram total between real and tablet.
The main advantage consists in maintaining applications in cache (non-active) for a period longer than normal, with a consequent advantage in the experience multitasking.


As stated above the driver is activated by default. To see how it's running you can use adb or terminal emulator: type "free" and you'll see swap paging.

To deactivate at next boot: you need a root explorer (i suggest ES File manager, free on playstore) and create a new file called ".noswap" in system folder, reboot and zram will not longer work. To reactivate delete the file above and reboot again.

SpeedWizz Kernel ICS 4.1 Beta2 TAR Version for ODIN

SpeedWizz Kernel ICS 4.1 Beta2 CWM FLASHABLE

(from version 4.0)

- Improved support for the following categories of Roma (this list includes only those in which the kernel has been tested for a long time, I suggest you proceed with caution, however, since it is a beta version)

1. ICS 4.0.4 Samsung
2. ICS 4.0.4 AOSP (CyanogenMod 9 - AOKP)
3. ICS 4.0.4 MIUI
4. JellyBean 4.1.1

- Fixed the bug of rom AOSP all'autorotazione
- Modified (fixato) the install script that caused trouble (severe) at boot: the ROM AOSP did not install the root of it (fortunately do not need it), it cwm manager.apk and even libraries for the BLN
- Fixed the driver cypress-touchkey.c for the proper functioning key illumination touch with AOSP rom and its function BLN.
- Fixed some warnings from the cross compiler

(from version 3.2)

- Dual Boot (bu gokhanmoral) but only using samsung rom 4.0.4
- More frequency steps now 100-200-500-800-1000-1200-1300-1400 mhz
- Default frequency 200 (min) - 1200 (max)
- Added BLN support
- New initramfs (from siyah 4.1.5)
- Touch recovery Siyah based (by gokhanmoral)
- Tunderbolts scirpt tweaks
- Fixed some compiler warnings
- Updated busybox (1.20.2 cm version)
- Added CWM manager apk (fixed some incompatibility issues)
- Automatically backup of efs partition

SpeedWizz Kernel ICS 3.2 (latest)

(from version 3.1)
- Added Overclock
- Added Undervolt Module (use Voltage Control)
- Touch recovery
- DVFS disable
- Fixed init.d support
- Frequency steps 200 - 1400 mhz
- Pegasusq governor tweaked (by Gokhan Moral)

(from version 2.3)
- Reorganized the work directory to get a job to clean up
- Implemented the new patch of Hardcore (SpeedMod from K3-31)
- Minor bug fixes and minor tweaks
- Obviously kept the features added so far
- Removed all Undervolt to restore stability to the kernel and make it accessible from all devices
- (3.0 => 3.1) update the version of Linux kernel 3.0.15 to 3.0.40_rc1: the main change lies in optimizing file system dell'ext4

SpeedWizz Kernel ICS 2.3

(from version 2.2)
- Added full support to the bootanimation, it can be placed either in data / local and in system / media
- After reviewing all Undervolt of all sectors, in an attempt to make the kernel accessible to all devices and not only to some
- Fixed a minor problem with the root, which in some cases led to bootloop with some rom

SpeedWizz Kernel ICS 2.2

(from version 2.1)
- Undervolted many parts of the drivers
1. cPU internal
2. internal bus
3. Mali 400 voltages
4. screen voltages
5. touch panel
- Added compatibility with the CWM app manager Default.prop
from now on you can use it to its full potential.
- Switch set to the kernel ro.secure = 0 (adb shell commands as root) default.prop
The Undervolt when we say we are average (not aggressive) and everything works like a charm!

(from version 2.0)
- Fixed the recovery__swapped partitions to prevent the recovery exchanges the internal with the external sd
- The following governors
   1. pegasusQ
   2. adaptive
   3. interactive
   4. conservative
   5. userspace
   6. powersave
   7. ondemand
   8. performance
- Maintained as the default ondemand governor

SpeedWizz Kernel ICS 2.0
(from version 1.0)
- Added support for Android 4.0.4
- Movhisty fix
- Patched _removed mmc cap erase KERNEL IS SAFE
- Implemented the patch of hardcore - root with superuser
- Cwm 5.0 for the time
- Voodoo louder working
- FM radio working


SpeedWizz Kernel ICS 1.0

Initial Release