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  • Removed some tweaks (to prevent incostant ram usage)
  • RIL is now alligned to baseband LQ6
  • Fixed busybox bug (some applets seem to be not correctly linked, anyway now is all working fine)
  • Centered clock in status bar qith no overlapping (thanks to the_crussader for inspiration fixed some issue by me, read below)
  • status icons located to the right side in status bar just to prevent overlapping with clock
  • New ICS lockscreen style (thanks to evilisto for how to)
  • ICS holo background on settings, contacts, myfiles and other part of UI
  • Contacts from 4.0.3 XWLPG rom (fully working) without sms in log and with phonebook link in dialer (thanks to nmeuret)
  • removed the animation when swicth from dialer to phonebook
  • new battery icon (thanks to allseeyneye)
  • Galaxy note gallery (thanks to danieldmm)
  • Added stock ICS keyboard
  • Added voltage control
  • New Speedwizz kernel 3.2 (full changelog soon)
  • contacts.apk, settings.apk, myfiles.apk now use Hardware accelleration by default ( disabling "force GPU rendering" will not have effect)
  • new colors for tabs in almost all rom parts
  • nexus 7 bootanimation (placed in system/media)
  • all features of previous version
  • OTA app (by mondman)
  • now CRT-off/on effect is not affected by reducing animation scale (both under development settings), even if setted at 0,5 it still work
  • fixed browser crash (thanks to Wanam and Malo2000)
  • Apex launcher updated to the last version

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  1. I'm looking for old versiom rom (speedwizz 2 3.1).
    How can I find and download this version. Because end version's wifi doesn't work greatly. If I can't find this, How can I fix the wifi problem? Thanks for your answer.
    Eski versiyon rom arıyorum (speedwizz 2 3.1).
    Bu versiyonu nasıl bulabilir ve indirebilirim? Çünkü son versiyonda wifi düzgün çalışmıyor. Eğer eski versiyon mümkün değilse, wifi problemini nasıl çözebilirim? Cevabınız için teşekkürler.
    Osman Yayla